Checklist to Find the Perfect Driving Instructor and Become a Good Driver!

How to Become a Proficient Driver with the Help of Right Driving Instructor?

Everyone here wants to be free enough to drive their dream vehicle and move around without any hassle. But, driving license is mandatory for anybody to be able to drive a vehicle. And, in order to fulfill their dreams, they need to clear the driving test first!

Importance of the Basic Training

It is important that you find a good driving school, in order to get trained in the right way, to become a good drive. You can find well-trained professionals, better known as the driving instructors, in any of the reputed, certified driving schools.

With hundreds of driving schools coming up, it is pretty crucial that you find a good driving teacher for yourself, and clear your driving test effortlessly. This quick checklist will help you in the process of finding a good driving school.

Check with your Family and Friends

You might have seen this earlier, your father, friends or relatives might have driven the car in a great manner and you might wonder where they learned things and great techniques in driving. And, the secret is a good instructor; it might have been their good old friend, the elder brother, or perhaps even your grandfather because professional instructors weren’t so popular around 30 years ago. But, times have changed, and most of the new learners prefer a professional driving trainer.

It is always a good idea to consult your friends or relatives to find a good driving instructor, who has helped them in past. Usually, driving instructors become popular through word-of-mouth and they survive in the market for a longer duration.

You might see the instructors as old-fashioned business guys, but they have their tricks and tips in teaching you better techniques with years of experience in driving cars. Only reputed instructors manage to gain popularity and get very good feedback and recommendations, so make sure that you pick a reputed instructor only.

Qualifications of a Driving Instructor

You need to look into the driving instructor’s qualification and also the reputation of the driving school. Instructors need to have all kinds of licenses and mandatory certifications, in order to become a driving instructor. Usually, instructors should meet the training standards and they need to clear the Certificate IV in logistics and transport. Make sure that instructors have the very good grade or top-level stipulation. But, their experience matters more than the statutory requirements, so make sure that your instructor has taught at least 1000+ learners already.

Mind the Success Rate of the Driving School

You need to check with the driving school and for this, you need to invest a certain amount of time in online research. Find the passing rates across the different driving schools… There are several schools that boast of hundred percent pass rate, and you should try to learn driving lessons from such schools.

Professional Approach towards Driving

You should be in a position to judge the instructor’s professional approach and the driving school based on these parameters –

Patience with a good understanding
Very good Skills
Good professional knowledge; theoretical as well as practical
Knowhow of new regulations and laws by implementing the same in theory and practice
Strong coaching ability
The practical approach towards traffic and driving tricks and useful techniques at their fingertips

Course Length

Stay away from the short-term courses; they are risky and ineffective. It is not recommended to consider such driving schools that offer crash courses because they’d seldom be of any help.

Type of Car

It is good to start your training with a good car that has lots of modern features. Dual control is pretty important when you are in the learning phase, but make sure that the instructor doesn’t keep controlling things throughout the lessons because you’d eventually end up learning very little in that case!

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